Reef Futures 2018

Reef Futures 2018: A Coral Restoration and Intervention-Science Symposium

This symposium brought together experts from around the world to share the latest science and techniques for coral reef restoration while kicking off a global effort to dramatically scale-up the impact and reach of restoration as a major tool for coral reef conservation and management.” READ MORE.


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The Reef Futures 2018 website is still available to network and collaborate!

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Retrospective Press Release

Reef Futures Plenary Presentations: 

Recap Videos (Courtesy of Nathan Cook, Reef Ecologic):


Call to Action

The closing remarks included a call to action to ask what each participant could commit to do for coral reef restoration moving forward. Participants of the Mote Marine Lab Coral Restoration Workshop created a joint call to action to improve collaboration and communication, or start a program or process. Nature Seychelles, Mote Marine Lab (Reef Ecologic video), Reef Ecologic, and The Nature Conservancy Caribbean are leading the charge. What will YOU do?  We will be following up with our conference participants and Youth Leaders within the next year to see how progress is coming along and sharing results at ICRS 2020!


Reef Futures 2018 Awards

  • Congrats to The Everglades Foundation for receiving the Carbon Offset Award! Each conference attendee registration came with a $15 donation to offset their carbon for travel. The Everglades Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to leading efforts to protect the greater Everglades ecosystem by implementing science-based solutions to restore and balance the native flora and fauna that contribute to improved water quality and carbon sequestration.
  • Congrats on receiving a Peer J Publication Award to Benjamin Young (University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science) for giving the Best Oral Presentation, “Signatures of disease resistance for the threatened Caribbean branching coral, Acropora palmata” during the “Genetic Influence on Restoration Performance” session. Ben will receive funding to publish his next paper!